Movement Education

Movement Education
Winter Jam Bellingham 2023

My private sessions are in an environment that is process-oriented, providing individual time for unraveling and restoring dysfunctional movement patterns. It is also a great opportunity to explore the freedom of movement and creative expression.

People that move with me are looking for an approach that supports proprioceptive and whole body learning. Some want to feel more dynamic and supple in their core, others just want to feel less pain. Mostly I am approached by folks that want to change movement patterns that have proven inefficient or even harmful.

In each session we practice attention, look at the articulation of your joints and their relationship with each other, explore and move through space. Only through locomotion we come into direct experience of how gravity forms us differently depending on our shape and the physical forces we are engaged with. Have you ever asked yourself why your amazing bodywork session doesn't create a longer lasting effect? It is because stationary exercises or table work can't provide all necessary reference points to really shift a pattern. We need to proprioceptively move out of it by coming into deeper relationship with our inner space and the Earth.

I am dedicated to ease, to sensory awareness, to feeling what moves us and most of all to an understanding of what inhibits free and precise range of motion within the limitations of our skeletal system. Relating to and exploring our inner and outer space in order to sense our moving selves supported by articulated integrity is a priority. A body-mind and dynamic approach. I am interested in growing coordination in ways that isn't build upon mindless repetitions, useless imitations or muscle pumping. I focus on cultivation and enhancing proprioceptive capacity, so neural pathways and harmful movement patterns can shift permanently. Learning how to access our fluid body in a spine based organism that we are needs to acknowledge that we are land mammals still developing out of the ocean. Delightful, poetic, fluid locomotion on land is based on an understanding how our ancestors moved in water.

I am influenced by the Axis Syllabus, experiencing the innate intelligence of biomorphic expressions, biodynamic cranial sacral work, perspectives of anatomy, embryology, movement improvisation, contact improvisation, studying moving and witnessing consciousness, somatic communication and lately studying with Liz Koch.

...Attention is the beginning of devotion.
Mary Oliver
Embodiment does not require correction but connection. Liz Koch