Finding Earth - The Point of Contact

Finding Earth - The Point of Contact
Photo by Guillaume de Germain

Saturday, June 8th ~ 10am - 5pm
Open JAM ~ 7-10pm
Musicians: Eric Mulhern and Elijah Lee (Sway!)
At the Peace, Education and Somatic School (previously called the Aikido Peace Education Center) in the Masonic Hall, downtown Bellingham, WA.

Workshop and evening Jam
Early bird until May 12th: $80
After May 12th: $100-$120

Jam only:
$10-20 (paid at door)


This day offers somatic explorations into the inner world of sensing to find a more coordinated and easeful approach to moving. We will practice the Point of Contact in relationship to our whole body, gravity, and space. We will develop an understanding of how it feels to find the earth through our partner’s skeletal structure to share our weight dynamically and safely. We will explore how this can be done by practicing receptivity and attention to the relational qualities that are emerging in the moment. Working from a baseline of care, we will explore the almost magical potentials of moving together.

The workshop is focused on the fundamentals of CI. The material is well suited to those new to contact and those who want to deepen their practice.

This daylong workshop is led by Carmen and Rajendra Serber. With decades of experience in CI and other somatic practices; We are pleased to share this material with the developing CI community of the Pacific Northwest.