Potent Pelvis

Potent Pelvis
Artwork by Karli Mogen

Monday, May 29th from 10:30am - 5:30pm
at The Joe Goode Annex in San Francisco

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Potent Pelvis in Contact Improvisation. This one day workshop focuses on our pelvis –the beautiful basin-shaped complex of bones that connects the torso and the legs. We start with anatomy, followed by embryologic and energetic explorations that lead into a more grounded experience of accessing the potential of pelvis. We explore its postural orientation in relationship to reciprocity, receptivity and capacity in dancing Contact Improvisation and how we can cultivate fluid connectivity between the lower and upper body. There is time to reflect, to share and to solo.Working with pelvis can be potent and powerful. I strive to create an environment of curiosity, responsibility and kindness to allow every participant to work where they feel comfortable or at the edge of their comfort zone.

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