Workshop with Nita Little

Workshop with Nita Little

I am grateful for Nita to come again this October to teach a two day workshop in Bellingham! Space is limited to 30 people.

October 5th and 6th
10am - 5pm
Open Saturday JAM with live music by Eric Mulhern and Elijah Lee (Sway!) ~ 7-10pm

Workshop and evening Jam
$170 -$270

Jam only:
$10-20 (paid at door)

At the Peace, Education and Somatic School (previously called the Aikido Peace Education Center) in the Masonic Hall, downtown Bellingham, WA. 


Workshop description:

Physical Dynamics of Flexible Selves: Contact improvisation at the edge

This workshop will work with states of embodiment that lead us into the dynamic movement spaces of physical action realized through attentional flexibility in motion. Contact Improvisation is a dance form that remains on a cutting edge, not only in terms of the actional relationships that appear continually out of a crazy physics of motion played like spatial violins in which the bow and the strings inseparably make up new musical sound possibilities, but also by the mind bending communication of beings who know themselves to be more than merely one, neither merely a bow or a set of strings, but always both … and.  These words support ideas that we will come to recognize as opening our dancing relationships into new theoretical spheres, that, because we dance, become embodied actualities that we live. Practice and theory live within our every meeting and we continually exceed the limits of cultural domination, isolation and separation through actions that speak to a world we choose, not one we are bound to. With imaginations unleashed, attentional discipline and physical preparation, we will land in an immense playground that rewrites our ideas of the future self.