Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a whole being therapy.

People often find their way into my practice when they are looking for real, positive change. This is not a cognitive therapy focused on understanding yourself better intellectually, though that happens often as a byproduct of our work together.  The therapy is experiential and creative - it brings you into an experience of yourself and your inner resources in such a way that you feel more connected, more aware, more alive, more whole.  We are working together in this journey, involving and listening to the body in a way traditional psychotherapy does not.  This work helps dissolve patterns of both physical and psychological distress, and supports recovery from past trauma. It is a catalyst to many positive changes.

The core of practicing this work is the continuing development of subtle perceptual skills based in a deepening ability to settle one’s own nervous system and to rest in resonant relationship. This practice is life changing both personally and professionally. It necessarily demands an open commitment to learning and a surrendering to the mystery of healing. To give and receive this work is to humbly engage with a continually profound and transformational way of being.

“Bio”: of living things; “Dynamics”: a force producing motion or change.

I am working with adults and children.

Out of creativity comes resilience – the ability to envision and find a new path.
Susan Eirich, "Intelligent, Ingenious, Utterly Amazing Slime Mold."
When we practice Cranial work, we are in a state of meditation. This form of bodywork is truly a way of accessing contemplative care. One of the aspects of learning cranial technique I enjoy the most is the environment that is created. There is a softness, gentleness, and ease of being that permeates the room. I think we can safely call it love.
Cator Shachoy

I am a registered craniosacral therapist RCST®. Find more information here: