Moving into 2023

Moving into 2023

Below are my offerings in Bellingham and Berkeley/SF for the next couple of months. But first my inspiration for 2023:

In my last movement practice I journaled that I want to explore my life as a beast. I want to embrace it – my own non-human self, my mammalian nature and with that especially all the traits that aren't appropriate in our culture and are considered unkind or even "bad". I wrote that my beast has this lifelong wish of wanting to be seen, that it is tired of being invisible, motionless and small; that she is not interested anymore in being sneaky and does not want me to be surprised by her presence. I want that too. I love and am afraid of some aspects of the beast but mostly I thrive when I feel her rushing through me – her pure glittery beastliness, her glory, her cruelty, her violence, her mercilessness and her undoubtful benevolence in all her actions. I started to imagine all of the participants' beasts, they sit right next to them. Enormous beings, not related to size or gender, tender, yet ferociously powerful and so still. I want to be in relationship with all of those beasts. I want to be torn apart and put back together, I want to smell their fur and scales, their breath and maybe touch their teeth. I want to be scared, so I can be brave. I want to be in awe. I don't want to hide from all those beasts, from life, I want to lure them out to play with me, bite me, love me, sting me, throw me around like a ball, drop me and catch me. They for sure aren't afraid to show me who they are. I feel good in that dreamlike imaginative state that I wrote myself into and am thinking that we might confuse the concept of guardian angels with guardian beasts.

I love movement. Dance. I am inspired what it transpires and what I am learning is true for my life.

Thank you for being here and reading.


January 13-15
Winter JAM in Bellingham! It is happening! Facilitation by Rajendra and Carmen Serber and Michal Lahav. Music by Serge Gubelman and Yam Sweets.

Winter Jam
Winter Jam in Bellingham, Contact Improvisation January 13 – 15.

January 30 - February 2
morning moving scores
Berkeley, California
4 mornings 10am-noon

I am visiting the Bay Area again and beside facilitating and giving sessions, this time is also a nice vacation for me. It is nourishing and luxurious to be able to go to a dance studio 4 mornings in a row and share those scores with you! Come and join me!

morning moving scores
...Attention is the beginning of devotion. from Mary Oliver’s poem “upstream” January Mon 1/30 - Thu 2/2 10am - 12:00pm Spring Fall studio, Berkeley, CA Suggested Donation $20-30 per session Drop in is fine This series’ intention is an investigation of improvisation. This format practices attentio…


February 1st
Contact Improv class
The Center, San Francisco, California
Contact: Merrick Jacob

February 3 - 6
The Single Moment - One year immersion into Contact Improvisation
Berkeley, California
3 day Workshop (2nd of 4)
full (but please contact me if interested)

This time I will propose perspectives of anatomy and embryology to explore with the intention to expand our curiosity through practice and play. The first weekend was dedicated to fascia – the connective tissue that holds us together. This time we sense into our bones, experience what supports proprioceptive awareness in our joints, find our juicy psoas and celebrate improvising together. I am happy to announce that Abby Crain will facilitate a 2 hour class on Saturday.
With this year long immersion, I aim to create a container where the participants meet in between the 'Single Moment" weekends to deepen their interest beyond the material provided in the workshop to encourage self study and peer learning.

The Single Moment
One year immersion into Contact Improvisation


March 10-12
Spring JAM in Bellingham! Save the dates.

March 1 - June 26
We will be inviting new people to our fabulous movement practice. Please reach out if interested.
Bellingham, WA

Exploratory Movement Practice
This class fosters personal growth by building upon our self-expressive capabilities in an interplay of inner and outer worlds.

Craniosacral Therapy

Bellingham, WA

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy
Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a whole being therapy. People often find their way into my practice when they are looking for real, positive change. This is not a cognitive therapy focused on understanding yourself better intellectually, though that happens often as a byproduct of our work toget…